Here is a listing of the albums I have made throughout the years. Music to be soundclouded in the near future

Burns and Maciag, Neyaskwaw: Woods Advance into Prairie (2013)

  1. They Don’t walk those trails no more
  2. She falls alone
  3. Tall grass
  4. How the world happened
  5. Green and white canoe
  6. Wind in your hair
  7. Don’t love you no more
  8. Big city girl
  9. Stay with me
  10. Aitkow
  11. Standing there
  12. Back on the ground
  13. In a styrofoam box

Tim Maciag, One Big Guy On One Small Planet (2007)

  1. Canada
  2. Place to Call My Home
  3. Her Name Began With S
  4. Help Clean The Air
  5. She Sits
  6. How The World Happened
  7. Good Ol’ Prairie Home
  8. South Saskatchewan
  9. Luminous Cloud
  10. The Youth of Our Land
  11. Shit Around
  12. One Big Guy On One Small Planet

Flaming Wood, Is The Day (2004)

  1. Giant Janey
  2. Face To Face
  3. Is The Day
  4. Pretty Penny
  5. So Completely
  6. So Much To Know
  7. Yesterday
  8. Black n’ Gullie and the Murderous Prairie
  9. The Innocent
  10. Strange Thing To Do

Tim Maciag, The Journey Of… (2002)

Act I: The Awakening

  1. The Iterative Dreamland
  2. Entering a Peaceful Bliss
  3. Stutter Stepping
  4. A Beautiful Slumber

Act II: The Wondering

  1.  Roaming the Grasslands
  2. A Joining of the Rapids
  3. Cool Calming Breeze
  4. Passing of the Clouds

Act III: The Pondering

  1.  Reality, The Passage of Time
  2. The Dawning
  3. Places, Aimlessly Moving
  4. A Return to an End, The Iterative Dreamland

Flaming Wood, Campfire Tales (2001)

  1. The Canadian Rockies
  2. Anna Catherine
  3. A Rainy Day in February
  4. Ballad of Evermore
  5. Salt Creek
  6. Winter Reflections
  7. Journey to the Gyre
  8. Red Haired Boy
  9. Thou Shall Desire
  10. Lakeside Dream
  11. The Demise of Woody Chernoozie
  12. Cryptkeeper Rain, Acts I, II, III

Flaming Wood, Mystic Rhythms (1999)

  1. Mystic Shadows
  2. Mountain Mist
  3. Hillbilly Blues
  4. Voodoo Hill Top
  5. Soul n’ Fusion
  6. Canon in Dmjr
  7. Alcoholic Fringe
  8. Fallen Liquid Chunks
  9. Thalo Sienna
  10. The Intoxication of the Sand Demon
  11. Chopin Prelude
  12. Heaven’s Gate
  13. The Innocent
  14. Chameleon Eyes

Flaming Wood, Self Titled (1998)

  1. Auburn Sunrise
  2. Prairie Lily
  3. Lakeside Dream
  4. Ledbelly-Page
  5. Classical Blues
  6. Grassland Groove
  7. Lightfoot Strum
  8. Arabian Groove
  9. Weisers Time
  10. 5 A.M. Blues
  11. Cryptkeeper Rain
  12. Mood For A Day

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