About me

Born on a cool winter day in a galaxy of milkyness. Brought into this world to be and to conduct activity and knowledge, however well perceived or otherwise, of music and technology and culture and nerdery.

Six, eight, and twelve steel and nylon strung woods ring, sometimes distortedly but more often melodically and often even more harmoniously often accompanied by the deep voice of my own while supplemented by the higher of J’s – a musical partnership forged in goodness in this space and this time. Along with gears and gadget and lit screens and bright lights and keys and strange codes and wired frames and interactions and fantasy and often the fiction of science and the images of people and scapes and things of interestingness as seen through lenses and acrylics and brushes all of which encapsulating my be of being.

Transitions and hand gestures and markers and chalk and boards of white and boards of black and pens and pencils bringing community to share tidbits and insights and history and topics and videos and codes and knowledge and things and stuff which provide the frame of it and the it of my frame. And ideas and insights and designs and computations and interactions and thoughts written in perceived coherency accompanied by trails and errors and sometimes (often times) failures and sometimes (and every now and sometimes then) success.

Newly fascinated by the plump and the juicy and the rubbery and the woody alienesque brownery and greenery of the browns and the greens and purples and the oranges and the reds and the pinks and all other known colours surrounding us. And also the hard and the rigid and the pointed and the wired greenery with all of the above coloured things that also surround us to them and them to us. And the yellow strings and the yellow strands and the green pines and brown barks and the blues and the fluffy whites (and sometimes greys) filling my foci and the scape that brings my home to me and me to my home.

And wonderful family and wonderful friends and most importantly a wonderful and kind and special and beautiful bean of November who guides and shares and smiles and shines and who altogether makes my inner being whole, making the it of it all worth the it of all that which it-ness makes it worth all the while.

This is my about and this is about me. -t.Mac


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